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Basic Vape Battery Safety Tips

Vape batteries are different from typical ones in that they are a lot more powerful and require much more care. If you have a regulated vape mod with batteries in the likes of 18650s or 20700s, there are some safety tips you need to be aware of. Learn more about vape battery here.

Use the right batteries.

One thing’s for sure - not all batteries are created equal. Some are made for low-wattage vapings, others for sub-ohming while some are not meant for vaping at all. When buying batteries for your mod, make sure you’ve got the right specs.

Get some battery cases.

Don’t just randomly your batteries in bags or pockets when not in use. Instead, get them those cheap plastic cases to make sure they’re protected. When unprotected come in contact with metals, these batteries can short-circuit and explode.
Protect your batteries against extreme temperatures.

Vape batteries can withstand varying temperatures, but testing their limits can be a wrong idea. Higher temperatures tend to make them vent or age faster, while colder temperatures can diminish their capacity. If you live in a place with extreme temperatures, use a small insulated lunch cooler when carrying your vape device batteries around.

Wraps should be in excellent condition.

See to it that your batteries' wraps are in tip-top shape. If you see a nick, re-wrap the battery to be safe. Go to your local vape shop and buy some wraps. They will usually do the wrapping for you, free and quick.

Never charge your batteries unattended.

This a very basic tip that can make a whole lot of different when followed or ignored. Leaving charging batteries unattended, especially overnight, can be dangerous. Failures - and fires - are certainly a possibility. You can also read more here:

Use a dedicated charger.

You can usually charge your batteries directly in your mod these days, but using a dedicated battery charger is often the safest option. There are basic models but you can add features like battery data monitoring for a higher price.

Do away with old batteries.

Batteries have limited lifetimes. If you think your batteries are taking less time to discharge, get new ones. Whether or not you’ve noticed something different, make it a habit to get new batteries every half a year, depending on use.

Avoid fake batteries.

Finally, don’t even think about getting fake batteries, which can be a total hazard. Always buy high-quality products from reputable vendors and avoid shady ones for your own safety. For more information, click here:

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